Sunday, January 9, 2005

Step 1 Selecting the Pattern, Fabric, and Embellishment

The Inspiration:

The original Issey Miyake Ribbon Jacket.

I plan to use a combination of two patterns to achieve this look.

The first pattern is the Vogue Issey Miyake Designer Pattern, No. 2768:

The element that I like the best about this Vogue pattern, and the original Miyake jacket, is the ribbon path that is appliqued to the jacket. I want to use this ribbon design element only from the Vogue pattern. I probably could have fiddled it through without having the pattern, but it was fun to see how Vogue recommended doing it.

The second pattern is from the Italian patternmaker, Marfy, Pattern No. 8450:

My primary motivation for this Jacket Journey is to use a Marfy pattern, to see how I like the pattern company. I chose this particular Marfy pattern because of its design lines with lots of seams to allow for alterations. (It has many more seams than the Vogue pattern above.) A two piece sleeve design is also included.

Fabric and Embellishment Choices:

The fabric for the jacket is a raisin colored wool tweed. Here are some of the lining choices I am considering:

Handpainted silk charmeuse lining option with raisin wool tweed

Silk chiffon lining option with raisin wool tweed

Two French silk ribbons for the embellishment:

These ribbons will be joined together with Steam a Seam Lite before appliqueing them to the jacket. Here are some closeups of the ribbons placed the way they will look on the final jacket.


  1. Raisin wool tweed from Erickson Consulting, Dunlap, IL

  2. Lining silks from Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, IL

  3. Ribbons from The Ribbonry, Perrysburg, OH

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